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Why Is My Control Unit Displaying Three Dashes?Updated 6 days ago

The three dashes appearing on your control unit panel/smart control generally only appears after there has been an abrupt power cut in your area. This causes a glitch in the main power board and results in being unable to clear the dashes from the display. No functions will work at this time.

Fortunately this is an easy fix and only takes approximately 5 minutes to correct. Unfortunately it means having to send your control unit to our technical team to reprogram the main power board. Once the main power board is reprogrammed, we have never had the fault reoccur should your household experience future power outages.

If you have the three dashes error, please send your control unit only to the address on the form below along with your details and Shopify number if known and include in the box. Write three dashes as the fault. Banana boxes work great for shipping control units.

Return Control Unit Form.pdf108.7KB

If your spa model has a smart control, please see this video for instructions on how to remove the control unit from the spa shell. Please note that it is not necessary to contact Portable Spas before sending your unit provided the form is included in the box. Please Do Not Include Inlet And Outlet Grills Nor Rotation Knobs With Your Control Unit.

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