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Setup FAQsUpdated 10 months ago

Where is the best place to setup my spa?

The most suitable surface is flat and even and is capable of uniformly supporting the filled weight of your spa plus the weight of the users. Positioning your spa on an uneven surface can cause unequal pressure on one side of the spa and increase the likelihood of the spa liner failing.

Have a power supply that is close enough for the spa cord to reach (4.2 metres). Extension leads can be used but should be heavy duty and made to the size of the run. See more about extension leads here.

Placing your spa near a windbreak such as a wall will help to reduce wind exposure and allow the spa to retain more heat, thus reducing your running costs. Keeping the spa out of direct sunlight by means of a sun shade or outdoor umbrella will increase its lifespan.

You should also consider where you will drain the spa when required.

How do I know when the spa is properly inflated?

The manometer attached to the valve cap shows when the spa has reached proper inflation. It should be green with white just beginning to show. Refer to the user manual or read the instructions printed next to the manometer valve. Always check the manometer to ensure the spa is filled to the proper pressure.

For Mono 6 and 8 models, inflate to 12 PSI as shown on the handpump pressure gauge


How do I drain my spa?

Use the included drain adapter to connect a garden hose to the spa after removing the drain cap. Then open the bottom stopper cap inside the spa to drain. Any remaining water still left in the spa can be tipped out by lifting the spa on an angle. Alternatively a submersible pump can be used.

How long will it take my spa to heat?

This varies depending on the temperature of the freshly filled water, the ambient air temperature, the spa volume and if your spa model has a 1.5 or 2.2 kW heater. On average, spa water heats between 1-2 degrees per hour. Ensuring your insulation bladder is in place, the cover lid is on and using a heat preservation mat and/or thermal cover will greatly help reduce heating times. 

Heat preservation mats, insulation bladders and thermal covers can be found on our Accessories page.

How many degrees will my spa water temperature drop if I turn the spa off in the evening?

This depends on the outside air temperature but If cover lid, heat preservation mat and insulation bladder are in place, M-Spa testing shows an elapsed time of 5 hours to drop approximately 1-2 degrees.

Why is my spa heating higher than the set temperature?

The water in the spa circulates continuously so actual water temperature may vary from the detected temperature shown by as much as 1C.

All spa models will heat the water temperature approximately .5C degrees higher than the set temperature, ie if you set the temperature for 40C it is not uncommon to see the displayed temperature at 40.5C. The heater does this to give itself a small buffer so it does not need to run continuously to maintain the set temperature. When the water temperature falls below the set temp, the heater will automatically re-engage and reheat to the set temp.

Why does the filter function automatically engage when I turn on the heater?

This is normal. Water must be circulating and the heater must have flow in order for it to activate. The heater cannot be switched on without the filter pump circulating water as it would cause damage to the system.

Do I need to use chemicals in my spa?

If you do not wish to add chemicals to your spa, you MUST drain and refill your spa every 2-3 days to prevent harmful bacterial and pathogens from accumulating. You should also scrub and rinse the walls and floors before refilling.

If you do not wish to empty and refill the spa every 2-3 days, it is essential to treat the spa water with chemicals. Chemicals are a highly effective way to treat and sanitise your spa as they eliminate harmful bacteria or pathogens that can grow in warm water and stabilise things like the pH content of the water that could otherwise damage spa components if left unchecked. Testing and balancing your spa should take you no more than 10 minutes if done on a weekly basis.

Do I need to use chlorine in my spa?

If you do not wish to empty, clean and refill your spa every 2-3 days, you must use a sanitiser such as chlorine or bromine. Bromine is normally recommended for people that find chlorine to be too harsh on their skin. Our spas are rated for either chlorine or bromine use. Remember if you switch from one to the other, YOU MUST COMPLETELY EMPTY THE SPA AND FLUSH ALL PIPES AND THE CONTROL UNIT BEFORE REFILLING AND ADDING THE NEW SANITISER. 


Our spas are not compatible with silver products and sanitisers other than bromine or chlorine may damage spa components and/or liners as they have not been tested on our spa model range. Damage caused by sanitisers other than bromine or chlorine is NOT covered under warranty.

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