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How To Operate The Heating TimerUpdated 10 months ago

The timer function on your smart control or top panel works differently to a conventional timer. You CANNOT set specific times of day that you would like the spa to filter/heat.

The timer allows you to set HOURS FROM NOW that you would like the heater to activate. 

For instance: It is currently 9am. You do not get home until 6 pm from work and would like to use the spa from 8pm onwards. You have your insulation bladder in place, the cover is on and the water temperature is set for 40 degrees. Your smart control/top panel shows the current water temperature is 39C. It's warm outside so you wouldn't expect the spa water temperature to drop more than 5 degrees between now and 8pm. Depending on the model of spa you have, the heater should raise the temperature of the water at least 1 degree per hour. With this in mind, you'd like the spa to resume heating at 3 pm to make sure it is up to temperature by 8pm.

  • Press the TIMER button to enter timer mode. 1H will show on the display.
  • Press the UP or Down button to change the hour amount. In this case, you would set 6H

After setting the desired hour, hour set will flash three times before displaying the current water temperature. The timer icon will flash on smart controls or illuminate on Frame series top panels to show that the timer has been set.

In the above scenario we set 6H because it is 9am and we want the heater to engage at 3pm. This is 6 hours FROM NOW.

Any time set on the timer is HOURS FROM NOW that you want the heater to engage.

To de-activate the timer, press and hold the TIMER button for 3 seconds. The smart control/top panel will beep once and the timer icon will no longer flash or appear.

Pressing the HEATER button will also de-activate the timer.

Please note the following:

Any time set on the timer is erased once the heater engages, ie 3pm in the above scenario. The timer does not store set times in memory so if you wanted the heater to come on every day at 3pm, you would need to manually set HOURS FROM NOW in which it would be 3pm.

THE TIMER CANNOT BE SET WHILST THE HEATER IS ENGAGED. If you wish to use the timer function whilst the heater is engaged, you must first press the HEATER button to disengage the heater and then set the timer as outlined above.


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