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E1 and F1 ErrorsUpdated 16 hours ago

Hello. We are terribly sorry you are experiencing a flow error with your control unit.

The heating unit will default to an E1 or F1 error if it detects a blockage or decreased flow within the system as a way of protecting itself to avoid severe internal damage. Often this is because the filters are dirty and/or need replacing. Filters need to be cleaned at least weekly and replaced with new every 4-6 weeks. Recycling filters will not work as the paper pleats break down over time, restricting flow. When you are cleaning the filter we would also recommend cleaning the filter grills thoroughly as sometimes these can collect debris that the filter doesn’t always catch.

Please try the following for an E1 or F1 error:

Firstly, power up the unit and press the filter button only. If you can't hear the pump running before the error appears or if it sounds louder than normal or unusual, there is an issue with the filter pump. You will need to send the control unit to our tech team to sort the problem. Please send your control unit only to the address on the attached form below along with your details and include in the box. Banana boxes work great for shipping control units. 

If your spa model has a smart control, please see this video for instructions on how to remove the control unit from the spa shell. Please note that it is not necessary to contact Portable Spas before sending your unit provided the form is included in the box. Please Do Not Include Inlet And Outlet Grills Nor Rotation Knobs With Your Control Unit.

Return Control Unit Form.pdf108.7KB

If you can hear the pump running and sounds normal, we have identified that the pump is not the issue. Please proceed with the following steps:

● Turn the heating unit completely off. To do this, either go to your PRCD on the unit and press the test function or switch off power to your unit at the wall.

● Now reach inside your spa and turn the filter to the left to remove it from the inlet grill. We recommend that you clean the filter at least once per week and replace the filter completely every 4-6 weeks. 120 Pleat Filters can be purchased here

● Put the filter to the side.

● If your spa model has a filter cartridge base, unscrew the filter cartridge base to the left, releasing it from the inlet filter grill and also put it to the side.

● Use your hand to rub away any debris from the grill.

● Get your garden hose and turn it on. Move it all around both the inlet and outlet grills to give them a good clean.

● On occasion the filter inlet and outlet grills will need to be removed to be cleaned out properly. If this is required you will need to drain the water level of the spa so it rests BELOW THE GRILLS. IF YOU REMOVE EITHER GRILL WHILST UNDER WATER IT WILL CAUSE CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE TO YOUR HEATING UNIT! Once water level is safely below the grills you can use the wrench tool that came with your spa and unscrew them. Remove and give a thorough wash. With filter grills removed, it is also a good idea to look inside the inlet and outlet at the hanging "flappers"- these are the flow switches. See if any lint, hair, etc has made its way through the system and is interfering with the flow switches working properly as seen below. If so, gently reach inside the inlet and outlet with a small flathead screwdriver or tweezers, etc and remove the debris.

Good practice is to skim any hair, lint, leaves etc out of the pool as soon as you see it and to turn off the heater/filter when removing the filter to clean or replace to avoid inadvertently sucking any debris through the system. 

After cleaning is complete, screw the grills back onto the side of the spa making sure they are tight. Be sure that the grill with the prongs on each side screws into the top hole.

Here is a YouTube video on how to remove and clean the inlet and outlet filter grills https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tg5U4XKNLrg

● Screw the filter back onto the inlet grill or refit the filter cartridge base if your spa has one and then refit the filter.

● Refill spa (up to the max line if needed).

● Turn the switch at the wall back on to power the unit and/or go to the PRCD on the power cord and press reset to turn your spa back on. Then press test to make sure it turns off. Press reset again. Operate spa as normal.

● If the E1//F1 error appears immediately after powering back up, press and hold the temp down button three seconds to clear.


A water level below the inlet grill or people splashing in the pool can cause the system to intake air and may also result in an E1 or F1 error.

If you have a Mono, Tuscany or Tribeca model that is showing an F1 code and have filled it for the very first time or have drained the spa and just refilled it, you likely have an airlock. Turn the control unit off and go to the top pipe connection between the spa and the control unit as shown below.

Loosen the grey threaded collar and you should hear air escape. Once you no longer hear the escaping air and water starts to trickle out, tighten the connection back up. Turn power to the control unit back on and press heater. You should now hear water moving through the system and the error will no longer appear.

If none of the above has corrected the problem, you will need to send your control unit only to our technical team in Christchurch to assess. Please send the control unit to the address on the Return Control Unit Form attachment below and include the form with your details and Shopify number if known inside the box. Banana boxes work great for shipping control units.

Please note that it is not necessary to contact Portable Spas before sending your unit provided the form is included in the box. Please Do Not Include Inlet And Outlet Grills Nor Rotation Knobs With Your Control Unit.

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