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Blanking ErrorUpdated 6 days ago

The above fault, known as "The Blanking Error", occurs when the filter pump is faulty. This will cause your display screen to momentarily "blank out" if the filter, heater, ozone or UVC buttons are pushed (any function that requires the filter pump to engage).

If you are experiencing the blanking error, please send your control unit only to the address on the form below along with your details and Shopify number if known and include in the box. Write blanking error as the fault. Banana boxes work great for shipping control units.

Return Control Unit Form.pdf108.7KB

If your spa model has a smart control, please see this video for instructions on how to remove the control unit from the spa shell. 

Please note that it is not necessary to contact Portable Spas before sending your unit provided the form is included in the box. Please Do Not Include Inlet And Outlet Grills Nor Rotation Knobs With Your Control Unit.

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